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Antakshari of English words based on sounds not spellings. For example, English - sure - rose. Now, a word like 'day' can be followed by three sounds depending on three ways of thinking. If you follow British or RP variety, the dipthong is e+i. So it will be followed by words like ink inch innumerable etc. If you use the Indian variety you use a long vowel e. Then you may use words like end, elegant, error, -- or eight with the same diphthong. But if you are not a stickler for rules, you may allow words beginning with 'd'. Add and View Answers Edit 06-Aug-2015 9/15/2015 12:37:22 PM Antakshari based on spellings and not sounds. It's a bit difficult because you have to know the spellings but gives you more scope-- you can use any word beginning with the last letter without bothering about the pronunciation. Shall we begin with rose again? – Rose – engine – egg – girl – Add and View Answers Edit 7-Aug-2015 Antakshari with sounds, using only either concrete or abstract nouns Add and View Answers Edit 8-Aug-2015 Stretch the sentence. Choose any sentence from your textbook and make meaningful additions to it. Then she met an old woman. -- Then luckily she met an old woman in a white dress /in the garden / who was hobbling along slowly / etc. Add and View Answers Edit 30-Aug-2015 9/7/2015 5:10:39 PM